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Three Musketeers on the Move

Updated: Jun 22, 2021

Good morning, dear followers,

It's my third week of motherhood, and let's just say I am ready for a vacation! Just as I predicted, the basket is no longer secure: my three musketeers are on the move.

Today I woke up today to find one of my naughty babies missing! I purrmeow'd, which in mama cat language means, Get you butt back here now! Across the room, a little head popped up from under a pillow and my kitten scurried back to my side looking all sheepish. But I know better: the next time I have my back turned, they will be off to the races again!

Ms. Mollly lying on her side and covering her eyes with one paw.
So. Tired. Mothering is a full-time job!

Michelle is such an attentive foster mom. She comes into the nursery to sit with all of us every chance she gets. She's learned how to tell all of the babies apart: the only thing they have in common is their little white feet! Each of the kittens have their own name now, and everyone gets called by their name.

White-cheeked Mina is my only little girl. She's a spunky little one, talking all the time. She's not afraid to let her brothers know what's what!


Ballou is the biggest of the bunch. He has a full black head and eats enough for two!


Lastly is Tux, with a black face, white chin, and tuxedo markings. He's my little gentleman! Tux is more cautious than his siblings, but he still loves to explore.


Even thought they all have names, Michelle warned me that they might change once we all go to the vet. She says sometimes she is wrong about the sex. I'm not sure what she means; can't she just sniff and tell? But I guess humans don't have very good noses...

So I did a little research to help other foster families tell the sex of their kittens. The Kitten Lady has a nifty blog post that makes it all pretty simple.

The kittens are learning how to better control their bodies. They are just starting to play, and have recently realized they can run! Well, sort of. They're pretty funny to watch because they are still very wobbly.

Their personalities are starting to show, too. They argue with each other sometimes at feeding time. As soon as they wake up, they are snuffling around my belly like little truffle pigs. I hear Ballou say, That one is mine! Then Tux says, No, I want that one! And finally little Mina interrupts, Geez, Mama has 6 feeding stations; everyone can have two! Like I said, she's the spunky one.

Ms. Molly nurses her three kittens.
Feeding time!

Once everyone has bedded down for their nap, Michelle picks me up and we bond, mom to mom. I cuddle up to her, and she pets me and tells me what a great mama I am. Sometimes I need to hear that. It makes my crazy busy day fade away!

Ms. Molly lying on her side and yawning.
Yaaaaaaawn. Good night!

Talk to you next week!

Love, Molly

P.S. Kitten Season is here! Support our fostering efforts by donating to HTAT.


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