Other Community Resources

Our community is here to help you take care of your pet! Here are some resources outside of HTAT that can help you with low-cost medical care, spay/neuter, and emergency care.

Low Cost Medical Care

Low Cost Spay/Neuter​

Second Chance Wellness and Veterinary Care Center - North Brookfield

Dakin Humane Society - Springfield

For low cost spay/neuter information for dogs and cats, visit SpayMass, email spaymass@mrfrs.org, or call 978-465-1940 for a referral to a group near you. 

Grant Programs for Serious Injuries & Emergency Care

Please refer to each program’s page for information and how to apply. Some require you to provide a veterinary estimate BEFORE they will pay for care; some will pay after the fact. Some require your veterinarian to apply; others allow you to apply for yourself. Here Today does not administer any of these programs.

Feline Assistance, Resource & Support (FARS) program

The Shadow Fund - primarily for residents of the Merrimack Valley

Phinney's Friends

Paws 4 A Cure

Pet Car Assistance - only for animals treated at MSPCA-Angell

Best Friends - Financial Aid for Pets

Red Rover Relief Grants

Feline Veterinary Emergency Assistance

Brown Dog Foundation

Diabetic Cats in Need

Care Credit - this is a credit card program to help owners pay for vet care in installments

Veterinary Partners - a website listing low-cost resources