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Hello, my name is Ms. Molly! I'm a six-month old kitty with a belly full of babies. Each week, I'll write a little bit about my journey to new motherhood. Follow along with my birth story here every Monday.

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Hi readers! Guess who finally arrived?

Let me tell you all about it!

On Thursday, I was looking for a soft place to curl up and snooze the day away. But, something strange was happening. My belly felt tight. It was grumbling and rolling. I just couldn't fall asleep with all that racket down there!

That evening, Michelle came in to say good night to me. I felt so tired. It took all I had to pick my head up and reach for a petting! Next thing I knew, Michelle had a pillow and a blanket in hand. She told me she was bunking with me for the night. I thought, Okay, cool, but why? Suddenly, my stomach tightened, as if it was going to explode. Thank goodness Michelle was there, rubbing and petting me. Her presence made me feel relaxed and safe. Nothing could hurt me with my foster mom by my side. Purr, purr.

Then, all of a sudden—MEOW-CH! A little mini-me appeared underneath me, lying in my basket. I washed my baby and nudged it to my side, where it started to suckle. I thought, Well, that wasn’t so bad, but I’m glad its over.

Mama hugs are the best hugs!

Michelle told me how beautiful my baby was, as she pet its tiny body. I purred my thanks and thought, Alright Mom, time for a good night's sleep. You can go now! So why wasn't she leaving?

An hour passed by, and I started to get that tight feeling again. I stood up to stretch my sore belly and reach for some petting, but—MEOW-OUCH! Another mini-me fell right out! I washed it clean with my velcro tongue and snuggled in next to my two babies.

I can't believe I used to be that small!

The clock chimed midnight, which meant it was Michelle's birthday. I rubbed up against her, wishing her a happy birthday. I tried to tell her that she could go now, and that she'd see me and my two babies in the morning... but she still wasn't leaving.

Another hour passed, and my belly turned more somersaults. Oh boy, I thought. Here we go again... wake up, Mom! Wake up! Michelle pet me and I started to purr, then—MEOW-OUCH! A third mini-me, mewling in the basket.

All four of us were really hungry.

My belly was finally flat again, and slowly it stopped churning. I had been in labor for four hours! I'm not sure who was more exhausted: me or Michelle. I fell asleep, happy and relaxed, with three tiny wonders at my side.

So that's my birth story! My kittens and I will stay with Michelle for about eight weeks before we're ready to go to our forever homes. In the meantime, I'll keep writing so you can see them grow! Until next week, dear readers.

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Hello, all my loyal followers!

I've lived at Michelle's house for about a month now, and I still haven't popped. But I don't mind: I’m being spoiled with so much love.

It is so hard to believe that just four weeks ago I was walking the streets in cold, lousy weather. My life is so different now! The sun shines in my window each day, and I bask in its glow while I relax, eat, and purr.

I’m told I’m at the Pregnant Pampered Spa, and to enjoy each day. Michelle says once I have these babies I will be busy taking care of them and won't have much time to myself! Well, we'll see about that. How does Michelle know what being a mama cat is like? As far as I know, she's never given birth to kittens before.

Each day is an adventure. Just a few evenings ago, when I was exploring the house looking for a new place to nap, I heard a huge BANG! It nearly scared the fur right off of me. I looked around frantically for a place to hide. In the corner stood a big wooden bureau, so I squeezed myself underneath it. I felt much safer in the close, dark space... whatever monster was out there couldn't hurt me!

Anyway, I must have hid myself pretty well, because Michelle came looking for me and walked right past my hiding spot. I think humans must have a really hard time smelling: I was right under her nose and she didn't know! It's a good thing they have us cats to look after them. I shudder to think what would happen to them otherwise.

Michelle started to call my name, and she sounded a little panicked. I felt sorry for her, and thought, Hey, if Mom is out walking around, the monster must be gone. I poked my head out from under the bureau, but that's as far as I got. I pulled and tugged... but I was stuck!

I looked behind me and found to my surprise that my big belly was keeping me under the bureau. I was aghast. That has NEVER happened to me before! As a cat, I have floating collarbones, which means that if I can fit my head through something, the rest of my body will follow. Well, the rules have all changed now that I'm lugging these kittens around! Good grief.

I cried for Mom and she came over with lots of snacks and nice words to encourage me. I looked at her and let her know that it would take a lot of snacks to get me out! But little by little, I managed to squeeze through.

So tired after my ordeal. I'm going to bed!

Now there's a blanket blocking me from going under there again, but I don't need to be told twice. OUCH!

I received a gift of flowers today! Michelle put them in my room to fancy it up bit. The vase is placed up high, since I’m not allowed to snack on them... you know, I'm hungry all the time and always craving new things! Of course, Mom insisted on a few pictures to thank whoever sent them to me. THANK YOU, kind stranger!

I still can't say how many kittens I am having, but with the heaviness and size of my belly, the sky’s the limit! I want to surprise everyone.

Michelle says she can feel my babies moving. She says I look like I swallowed a couple of oranges! I find myself lying more and more awkwardly each day just to get comfortable. By the way, is it normal for your nipples to get bigger when you're pregnant? Asking for a friend.

Don't tell Michelle, but I'm pretty sure I'm having more than two babies.

Until next time, my dear readers...maybe then there will be more of us!

P.S. You can care for me and my kittens by donating to HTAT!


Hi readers! It's me, Ms. Molly, with my update.

I've now lived in my foster home for three weeks, and I'm pretty sure I've hit the jackpot! Foster mom Michelle treats me like a princess: chats with me, feeds me endless food and delicious snacks, and gives me extra belly rubs whenever I want them. And, she takes lots of pictures of me. She says I'm beautiful and wants to share it with everyone!

My pregnancy announcement photo!

At this point, my belly is pretty big. It's firm and getting heavier every day. Michelle says she can feel the babies in there. We're still not sure when they will arrive, but when they do, Michelle says they'll be loved and spoiled because that is what we deserve.

See how big my belly is?

Anyway, life is even better this week because now I am the only queen in my foster home.

Contact the shelter to learn more about Queenie!

When I arrived a few weeks ago I had a roommate named Queenie. HTAT thought she might be pregnant, but it turned out she wasn't, so she was sent back to the shelter to be spayed and adopted. Queenie is looking for her forever home now. She's sweet, a little shy, but very active. We hung out a little, but now that she's gone, I get even more attention, which is just the way I like it! I hope Queenie finds a loving home soon.

Now that I've got the house all to myself, it's time to figure out where I'll deliver. The basket is nice, but hey, a queen's got to explore the rest of her palace, right?

Considering all of my options.

I can only do so much exploring, though—it's tiring carrying these babies around all day! I'm going to take a nap. See you next week!

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