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Road to Graduation

Updated: Jun 22, 2021

Dear readers,

Week 2 of Kitten School has been full of milestones! My babies are almost ready to graduate. All now use the litterbox on their own. Michelle kindly put out a box just for the kittens but sometimes they still use mine. Sigh.

Everyone is eating on their own, too, including Mina!

Along with eating comes learning to clean. The kittens now wash themselves up after meals. I wish I could say that means no work for me, but kittens are still messy sometimes.

Like all kittens, these babies love to play! Anything and everything is a toy...

Mina preparing to pounce on a person's leg.

...including people...

A kitten bats at Ms. Molly's tail. tail...

Tux sitting in a planter turned on its side, surrounded by toys.

...oh yes, and sometimes actual toys!

The world is full of wonder for Mina, Tux, and Ballou. They like to look out of the window and sometimes even climb the curtain. But hey, they're kittens! In the nursery everything is replaceable.

Tux looking out of a window.

Every day is a new opportunity to explore. My babies play hard, jumping and climbing. But one thing is for sure: they still make time for family!

My kittens will go back to the shelter to be spayed and neutered on June 16, and after that they'll be ready for their forever homes. As for me, I'm ready to close this chapter of my life and move forward. I love my babies, but it's time for this mama cat to become an empty nester! Who knows what the next adventure will bring for all of us...

See you next week!

Love, Molly

P.S. Kitten Season has only just begun! Support our fostering efforts by donating to HTAT.


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