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Kittens Wobble, and They Do Fall Down

Updated: Jun 22, 2021

Hello, dear readers,

My kittens are now two weeks old, and they've already changed and grown so much! Each change is a small step, but together they add up to big leaps and bounds.

At 14 days, my kittens' ears have opened. They are starting to react to the sounds of the world around them. Their eyes are getting stronger and their vision clearer.

The only thing that hasn't change is how much they EAT! Their bellies are so big that they still wobble rather than walk. Their legs aren't yet strong enough to hold them up.

But this is all normal. My babies seem very healthy, and that's good enough for me. We will all go to the vet in another week or so for a check-up. I'm not a big fan of the vet, but I'll put on a brave face for my babies, 'cause I'm the mama now!

Three tuxedo kittens, one on its back with a paw in the air.
Man down!

Even though my kittens can't yet walk, they move around a lot more now. They have thoroughly explored the birthing basket, and are jonesing to see more. I'm not quite ready for them to venture out on their own, though. Every time they try, I nicely pat them down with my paw, and pretty soon they get the point!

A kitten with its front paws on the side of the basket, looking out.
An intrepid little explorer.

Michelle takes each one out every day for cuddles and socialization. She holds them, talks to them, and tells them how cute they are. Pretty soon they will be just like me, running to her for attention. Sometimes I think she overdoes it: let's not forget who is queen around here!

But Michelle is the best foster mom; she always saves a little time for me. When the kittens fall asleep after a meal, I sneak out of the basket and enjoy some much-needed snuggle time with her. That's my favorite part of the day! Sometimes the babies wake up and cry for me, but I have a special meow to let them know that I am close by. Pretty soon they've relaxed and fallen back asleep. Phew. Let's face it, a girl's got to take a break every once in a while! Sometimes I feel like I'm a feeding machine.

Three tuxedo kittens snuggled against each other.
Nice and quiet after a meal.

I can't keep them contained forever, though... I think next week they'll plan a Great Escape and the basket will probably be a thing of the past! Until then.

Love, Molly

P.S. Kitten Season is here! Support our fostering efforts by donating to HTAT.


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