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Good Things Come in Small Packages

Updated: Jun 22, 2021

Hi readers! Guess who finally arrived?

Ms. Molly nursing three black newborn kittens.

Let me tell you all about it!

On Thursday, I was looking for a soft place to curl up and snooze the day away. But, something strange was happening. My belly felt tight. It was grumbling and rolling. I just couldn't fall asleep with all that racket down there!

That evening, Michelle came in to say good night to me. I felt so tired. It took all I had to pick my head up and reach for a petting! Next thing I knew, Michelle had a pillow and a blanket in hand. She told me she was bunking with me for the night. I thought, Okay, cool, but why? Suddenly, my stomach tightened, as if it was going to explode. Thank goodness Michelle was there, rubbing and petting me. Her presence made me feel relaxed and safe. Nothing could hurt me with my foster mom by my side. Purr, purr.

Then, all of a sudden—MEOW-CH! A little mini-me appeared underneath me, lying in my basket. I washed my baby and nudged it to my side, where it started to suckle. I thought, Well, that wasn’t so bad, but I’m glad its over.

Molly snuggling one of her kittens in the crook of her neck.
Mama hugs are the best hugs!

Michelle told me how beautiful my baby was, as she pet its tiny body. I purred my thanks and thought, Alright Mom, time for a good night's sleep. You can go now! So why wasn't she leaving?

An hour passed by, and I started to get that tight feeling again. I stood up to stretch my sore belly and reach for some petting, but—MEOW-OUCH! Another mini-me fell right out! I washed it clean with my velcro tongue and snuggled in next to my two babies.

A newborn kitten rests in the palm of one hand. In the background, Ms. Molly nurses another kitten.
I can't believe I used to be that small!

The clock chimed midnight, which meant it was Michelle's birthday. I rubbed up against her, wishing her a happy birthday. I tried to tell her that she could go now, and that she'd see me and my two babies in the morning... but she still wasn't leaving.

Another hour passed, and my belly turned more somersaults. Oh boy, I thought. Here we go again... wake up, Mom! Wake up! Michelle pet me and I started to purr, then—MEOW-OUCH! A third mini-me, mewling in the basket.

Molly eats cat food from a dish while her three babies nurse.
All four of us were really hungry.

My belly was finally flat again, and slowly it stopped churning. I had been in labor for four hours! I'm not sure who was more exhausted: me or Michelle. I fell asleep, happy and relaxed, with three tiny wonders at my side.

So that's my birth story! My kittens and I will stay with Michelle for about eight weeks before we're ready to go to our forever homes. In the meantime, I'll keep writing so you can see them grow! Until next week, dear readers.

Love, Molly
Ms. Molly nursing her babies.

P.S. Newborn kittens need lots of love! You can help me care for them: donate to HTAT.


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