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Every Day Is Play Day

Updated: Jun 22, 2021

Hello dear readers,

I'm a day behind on posting. Being a mama cat is a full-time job! But we had a big birthday this week: on Friday, my kits turned 4 weeks old, which means they should soon start eating on their own. Let me tell you, that's the best news I've heard in a long time!

Michelle pulled out all the stops to celebrate. We woke up to a nursery full of toys, balls, feathers, a scratching post, a mouse with bells, and a cat house for the kittens to play in! The babies were so excited. They immediately got to sniffing around, batting the balls, climbing on the scratching posts and exploring the cat house.

Mina sitting on top of a cat house.
Mina is definitely the little princess in charge!

Michelle has given us plenty of toys, but nothing beats wrestling with your siblings. The kittens like to pounce on each other and roll around on the floor. Sometimes I'll hear a little scream, which means someone was too rough. I give a little warning meow that says Don't make mama come over there!

Still, it's important for kittens to rough-house so that they learn what amount of pressure is playful and what hurts. That way, when they grow up and play with humans and other cats, they are gentle and everyone can have fun without getting carried away.

Mina, Tux, and Ballou wrestling.

If anyone gets too rough and won't back off, I quickly spirit them away for some time-out and a quick wash. When I wash them they squirm and try to get away, or think it's play time. I bite their neck gently, just to settle them down a bit so I can continue washing them up.

Molly washes a kitten.

They're able to run a lot better, so now the real exploring begins. Sometimes they still get a little too excited: their legs go all akimbo and they start to gallop sideways instead of straight. But this is all normal, and I am so proud of how well my babies are growing up!

The good news is they play hard for a bit and then they nap for a lot longer. I get some special mama bonding time with Michelle, and if anyone wakes up they sit with us too. They're still learning, but I can see them turning into polite little lady and gentlemen!

Next week we'll go to the vet for a wellness check. Gulp. I have to be strong! In the meantime, Mina, Ballou, and Tux all say hi. They can't wait to each be able to tell you little stories about their daily experiences!

Tux lying on his back and pawing at the camera.

Love, Molly

P.S. Kitten Season is here! Support our fostering efforts by donating to HTAT.


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