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The One Queen of My Kingdom

Updated: Jun 22, 2021

Hi readers! It's me, Ms. Molly, with my update.

I've now lived in my foster home for three weeks, and I'm pretty sure I've hit the jackpot! Foster mom Michelle treats me like a princess: chats with me, feeds me endless food and delicious snacks, and gives me extra belly rubs whenever I want them. And, she takes lots of pictures of me. She says I'm beautiful and wants to share it with everyone!

Ms. Molly with a "Mom to be" ribbon.
My pregnancy announcement photo!

At this point, my belly is pretty big. It's firm and getting heavier every day. Michelle says she can feel the babies in there. We're still not sure when they will arrive, but when they do, Michelle says they'll be loved and spoiled because that is what we deserve.

Ms. Molly lying on her side.
See how big my belly is?

Anyway, life is even better this week because now I am the only queen in my foster home.

Queenie crouching on a step and looking up at the camera.
Contact the shelter to learn more about Queenie!

When I arrived a few weeks ago I had a roommate named Queenie. HTAT thought she might be pregnant, but it turned out she wasn't, so she was sent back to the shelter to be spayed and adopted. Queenie is looking for her forever home now. She's sweet, a little shy, but very active. We hung out a little, but now that she's gone, I get even more attention, which is just the way I like it! I hope Queenie finds a loving home soon.

Now that I've got the house all to myself, it's time to figure out where I'll deliver. The basket is nice, but hey, a queen's got to explore the rest of her palace, right?

Miss Molly lying on her back, looking up.
Considering all of my options.

I can only do so much exploring, though—it's tiring carrying these babies around all day! I'm going to take a nap. See you next week!

Love, Molly

P.S. Want to support pregnant and nursing cats like Ms. Molly? Donate to HTAT.


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