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My First Week of Motherhood

Updated: Jun 22, 2021

Good morning, readers!

Week 1 with my little bundles of joy is over. Now I know why Michelle was pampering me so much! I'm exhausted. My babies have started to move around a little on their own, but they can't walk very well. So, they haven't yet left the basket. Still, it's a lot of work taking care of them!

For three tiny kittens, these guys can eat. All they do is eat! Once they've fallen asleep, I sneak out of the basket to stretch my legs, grab myself a little snack, and visit the ladies litter box. Then as soon as I hop back in, they are up and kneading me with their sharp little claws so that my milk comes down. Then they are eating, and eating, and eating some more. It’s hard to get any rest. It seems someone is always looking to nurse, or climb on my head just to let me know they are there. Believe me, I can't forget that you're there, little one.

But the feeding frenzy isn't for nothing. Everyone has been putting on weight, which is very important for newborn kittens. At this point, their eyes have opened, though they probably can't see much except for blurry shapes. And I can feel my body slowly returning to normal... slow process, I must say!

Two black and white kittens next to Molly. One has open eyes.
Eyes open!

Occasionally they all fall sleep at once, and I can tip toe out of the basket to get some rest on my own. But not everyone is sleeping soundly, it seems: Michelle comes in, chatting away at us, and touches all of my babies! So of course they wake up and cry, then it's back in the basket I go to settle everyone down. I fix Michelle with a stare that says, Great timing! She says they are so cute that she can’t help it. Seeing how much she loves them, I always forgive her. I love you too, Foster Mama!

Anyway, I think we've got some interesting days coming, especially once they really start moving. Life has been such a whirlwind, I'll tell you! Only six months ago I was their size. Before they were born it was all about me, and now I'm secondary. I guess that's motherhood! But they are so worth it; I love them all.

Molly cradles a tiny black and white kitten against her neck.

Love, Molly

P.S. Newborn kittens need lots of love! You can help me care for them by donating to HTAT.


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