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How Ms. Molly Came to HTAT

Updated: Jun 22, 2021

Hi, I'm Ms. Molly! About two weeks ago, my owner moved away. I was left behind to fend for myself outside. A very nice neighbor saw me wandering around and contacted Here Today Adopted Tomorrow. I was afraid and didn't want to approach strangers, so a volunteer set a humane trap and waited.

Well, I didn't love being caught in a cage, I can tell you that much! But I didn't have to stay in there for long. The volunteer brought me to the shelter, where the vet discovered a surprise: I'm pregnant! 

The shelter packed me up and sent me to live with Michelle Roy, one of HTAT's excellent volunteers and an experienced foster mom for pregnant queens and young kittens. I'll live at Michelle's home, warm and cozy, until my kittens are born. Michelle says that I will be pampered and loved while I wait to bring my new family into this world. How lucky can one queen get?

I arrived at my foster home to find a special kitty maternity room all set up for me. At first, I felt cautious and scared. I had just been picked up and brought from one strange place to another—I didn't know what was happening, who these humans were, or what they wanted from me.

But it only took a few hours for me to learn that I had nothing to fear. After a little exploring, I found comfy blankets, a nice big basket for my delivery, and lots of toys for my little ones to play with when they arrive. Michelle and her family pet me and gave me lots of belly rubs while I feasted on snacks.

Once I'd been sufficiently spoiled, I reclined in my basket and purred, letting my foster family know that I felt comfortable and safe. I'm sure that my foster family will take good care of my babies and me.

A pregnant black and white cat, lying on fleece blankets in a wicker basket and looking sweetly up at the camera.
This looks like a perfect spot to have my babies!

That's it for now. Each week I will share my progress and a new picture with you so you can see how my pregnancy develops. See you next week!

Love, Molly

P.S. Want to support pregnant and nursing cats like Ms. Molly? Donate to HTAT.


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