Send a Cute Kitty Card to Your Valentine!

Send a Valentine e-card to your special someone by making a donation to help cats and kittens at Here Today Adopted Tomorrow. 

To order your Valentine e-card:


1) Fill out the form below to select your valentine

2) Click on the "Pay Now" button below the form and make a donation of at least $10


We will send out all Valentine Cards via email on February 14. 

All e-card orders must be processed by end of day on February 12. 

After you submit your form, don't forget to submit your donation
Card A:
Card B:
Card C:
Card D:
Card E:

Click the "Pay Now" button below, which will take you to a PayPal page to make your donation. Enter your donation amount (please donate at least $10 to send a valentine card) and process your donation online. 


Make sure the name or email address used when donating matches the name or email address you entered into the Valentine Card Order Form above. This will help us recognize your donation and match it to your Valentine Card order. 


Currently by appointment only

Please call or email us to schedule an appointment

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