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Sponsor a Step or Cube

As a cageless cattery, HTAT doesn't have "cage sponsorships—" but you can sponsor one of our shelter steps or cat cubes!

Your sponsorship is tax-deductible, and helps us pay for food, litter, and medical costs for the cats in our shelter. By sponsoring, you are also providing neighbors in need with pet food, flea and tick treatments, and affordable spay/neuter surgeries for their pets. 


In other words, your contribution will support the daily care of the cats in our shelter, and keep local pets with their families.

Sponsorship Pricing

Step Sponsorships

$25 per month, or $250 for the year

Cube Sponsorships

$50 per month, or $500 for the year

A cat laying inside a wall cube, with a sponsorship card underneath
3 cats sitting on wooden steps, which are labeled with sponsorship cards

Sample Step Sponsorship Card

Sample Cube Sponsorship Card

Thank you for supporting HTAT!

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