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2021 Meowch Madness flyer - title cover.

Here Today Adopted Tomorrow has two new and fun ways to help cats this March. Order a To-Go Meal to enjoy while watching a game, or join our Cattery's square pool for a chance to win up to $150! The remaining proceeds will help us care for cats in need.

Final Square - Baylor v. Gonzaga, April 5


NOTE: Due to basketball's change from three quarters and final score, to just two quarters and final score, we decided to divide up the winnings for the missing quarter among the first two quarter winners.

Roger Roy - $75

Mika - $75

Kristin Doyle - $150

Congratulations to the winners, and thank you for your support!

Go here for pool rules and prize amounts. We will announce the winners here and on our socials on April 6. We will also notify winners privately. Good luck!


Some names were abbreviated due to size constraints, and some participants requested nicknames.

March Madness Cattery Square Pool 2021

Buy a Meal, Save a Cat

Meowch Madness meal orders have now closed. Thanks for your support!

Pick up your order on March 21 from 4 to 6 pm at Brimfield Congregational Church.


Order a Meowch Madness meal to enjoy with the game on March 21! You can also donate a meal for us to give to a local family in need.

Please see the flyer below for menu choices, pricing, and pick-up information.

2021 Meowch Madness flyer - menu options

Cattery Square Pool

All pool squares have been sold. Thanks for participating!

See the final 10 x 10 square above to root for your numbers.


Enter our Cattery's Square Pool for a chance to win big on April 5!

  • One square costs $10, with 100 squares available.

  • Squares will be randomly assigned.

  • If your square matches the last digit of each team's score at the end of the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd quarter, you will win $50.

  • If your square matches the last digits of each team's final score, you will win $150! 

The pool will close once all 100 squares are sold, so act fast! The final 10 x 10 box will be posted here and on our social media pages on April 4.