What is the Here Today Club?

The Here Today Club makes you a sponsor of cats who may take a little longer to be adopted and supports the cost of their care. These are cats that are often referred to as special needs, cats with chronic health issues or behavioral issues, any cat that may need a bit of extra time or care before finding a forever home. While waiting patiently for their purrfect match, the cats live in comfort, with lots of love in our cageless cattery or foster homes. When you become a part of the Here Today Club you are standing up to say you believe in quality care and a loving home for every cat.

As a member of the Here Today Club, you will receive photos and updates from the cats themselves.

Which cats are sponsored by the Here Today Club?

They are the cats that are Here Today until the Tomorrow comes when they are ready to be Adopted.


We are one of the very few shelters that welcome FeLV+ catsFeline Leukemia is a virus that affects a cat’s immune system and can shorten their lifespan, however, FeLV+ cats usually remain healthy right up until the end of their lives. It is easily transmitted from cat to cat. So cats who are FeLV+ cannot mix with cats not carrying the virus. Because we believe that they too deserve only the best, we built an entire room just for these special cats to safely mingle and interact with other FeLV+ felines.

Spirit Cats

We are one of a mere handful of groups specializing in shy and fearful cats. In traditional shelters, these often misunderstood cats can shut down or lash out making it easier for them to fall through the cracks and never get the loving care they truly need. Our cage free setting allows these cats to let down their guard and show us  who they really are. Some blossom into family pets and others remain spirit cats We love and accept them for who they are and find them homes who can too.


Cats come to Here Today Adopted Tomorrow with other chronic health issues as well: diabetes, kidney failure, hypertrophic  cardiomyopathy, just to name a few. With the support of your monthly donation, we can offer these cats and FeLV+ cats and their families the support of our “Care for Life” program which assists with the cost of medical bills for these cats for the duration of their lives meaning they are more easily adopted and more quickly placed into their furrever home.


Cats often come into Here Today Adopted Tomorrow with their own kitty behavior issues. We house feisty felines, those with more “out of the box” issues, and more. Once in the shelter, we listen to their needs and work with them. Many cats overcome their “issues” quickly. Others take a bit more time and require a special home. Dr. Rachel Geller helps us figure out what each cat needs and assists adopters in managing theses struggles to ensure the cats are successful in their new homes.

Please consider sponsoring the Here Today Club today to help us cover the costs of care for these special cats.


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