Cattery Hours

The Cattery is located at 180 Sturbridge Road, Brimfield, about a 1/4 mile west of the Village Green Campground.

Thursday 1pm-4pm
Saturday 1pm-4pm
and by appointment 413 324 8224

Our Mission:

Here Today Adopted Tomorrow Animal Sanctuary's mission is to prevent cruelty to animals by providing temporary shelter to companion animals in a comfortable and healthy environment until they can be adopted into loving homes and to help reduce the overpopulation of companion animals. 

Why Adopt a Rescued Animal?

You can always find an animal to match your every desire! You can adopt an adult animal that has reached full size and has already developed his or her personality. This way you know exactly what you are getting. There are no mysteries about temperament, energy, or size. However, if you want a puppy, kitten, or a purebred cat or dog, you can find one of them as well. There are always plenty of animals that fit every situation just waiting for the right person to adopt them.

Some people think that a rescued animal will not be able to bond with its new family.  Nothing could be further from the truth. Years of working with homeless pets has taught us how grateful they are to just be loved, fed and have a warm place to sleep. Rescues make wonderful family pets and truly do appreciate their new homes.

Ways to donate:

All donations are welcome, please feel free to donate using our PayPal link.  We thank you in advance for any donations!

If you shop on Amazon, you can help the sanctuary by using a portal that allows part of the purchase to be donated to us. Remember this donation won't cost you a dime, and it really helps the sanctuary! We get 3% donated to Here Today by Amazon for every purchase you make. 

Use the link below and click on the Amazon card on the bottom left. You will be taken to the Amazon website, and you just order as usual. YOU DON'T PAY THE EXTRA 3%, AMAZON DOES!

Please pass this link to people you know. We really do get the Amazon donation!!!!

Thank you for thinking of us when you are having fun shopping!

Sponsorship needed:

Smudge came to Here Today with her sister Pam Pam after living inside for most of her life. When she came inside at 5 months old, she learned to get along well with cats and dogs. She has learned to live around people and bless us with her presence. Smudge is a real house spirit. If you are lucky she will let you touch her nose. Smudge is one of our kitties that may take a bit longer to be adopted.  In the meantime she has been seeing the kitty dentist, and can certainly use a sponsor!

If you would like to sponsor Smudge or any of our other cats please email  or call us, 413 324 8224.  A great way to sponsor a cat is by using our PayPal link. 

Lost and Found Animals:

If you have a lost or found pet please email the info and a photo to  More information about when and where the pet was lost and general appearance is always helpful. If you recognize a found pet, please let us know.

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